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Offbeat Things To Do In Goa For Memorable Holidays In Goa

Your bucket list of things to do in Goa will never end whilst your you may meet the white sand seashores, crystal clear waters, and tropical land of Goa. This is the handiest motive why Goa is popularly called the perfect destination for holidays in India that draws travelers from each corner of the sector with its superb splendor. Here are the precise water sports that you couldn't omit on your Goa ride. Just refer to this weblog, before you intend your Goa journey. You're guaranteed a memorable journey. 
Scuba diving Do not pass over this thrilling underwater after arriving thus far within the Goa. Goa is, however, blessed with crystal azure water, best high-quality coral reefs, colorful fish and different marine creatures. Scuba Diving in Goa is executed at Grande Island. If you’ve always dreamed of exploring the astonishing marine life in crystal clear waters, then Goa is one of the pleasant places to try scuba diving. Pass for Grande island island for the nice view of the…

Get The Guide Of The Happening Places To Visit In South Goa

Goa is an ultimate party destination for tourists who crave for that strong tequila shot, mind-blowing electronic dance music, and refreshing breeze in the face. But Goa also has another side which is something very unique. And that side is relatively calm and less crowded district of South Goa, where a delightful long walk along the beach, a romantic evening with your better half, or a wonderful dinner can be enjoyed. So if you are planning for a Goa trip and want to spend some quality time in South Goa, here you will get the best places to visit in South Goa. You can also opt for South Goa Trip with us.

Palolem Beach Palolem Beach is probably the most popular among all other beaches South Goa. This Beach is a mile long stretch of soft golden sand located in Canacona, which is about 3 kilometers away from Chaudi. It is called as the most virgin beach of South Goa that offers a captivating spectacular view from everywhere. Palolem is a wonderful beach to get the best of this part of t…

6 Must-haves Before Embarking On Sunburn Festival

If you are really in love with EDM and attending such kind of festivals is your thing, then Sunburn festival is an event you should make your way to. It has some of the most great DJs of all across the globe playing electronic dance music for the cherished audience. Generally, this festival has been held along the sizzling beaches of Goa which makes it a perfect place to be on your Goa trip. So if you are planning to hop on to Goa, then Sunburn 2019 festival should must be in your list. Here is everything you need to know about the grand festival. World-class Lineup Sunburn witnesses some of the best DJs in the world reeling popular dance music. Due to its music, this grand festival is famous amongst the teens. This festival is also large because of the remarkable lineup known like Afrojack, Tiesto, DJ Snake Andrew Rayel, Quintino, Pete Tong, Goldfish, James Zabiela, Mark Knight, Shermanology, Josh Wink and Chuckie. Some of the Indian lineup are Anish Sood, Nucleya, Sartek, Arsh, Jan…

Explore Goa - The Guide To Best Things To Do In Goa

Goa, a true holiday destination, by all means, offers scrumptious food, beautiful region, several options for adventure activities to indulge in. Not just for its dazzling beauty, Goa is also popular for astonishing things to do. Of many things to do in Goa, here are the thrilling experiences that will make you feel awesome about your Goa trip.
Scuba Diving  If you are looking for something unique and want to explore marine life, Scuba diving in Goa is the best option. Goa offers an attractive underwater view with beautifully patterned fish and colorful coral reefs. Scuba in Goa starts from early September till May end. This water-based activity is simply out of the world experience for its beautiful marine life in the clear azure water.
Water Sports While you are visiting Goa for that perfect weekend you might be searching for the Water Sports in Goa which are popular here. With all the exciting water activities and the charming beaches of Goa has been attracting visitors from far a…

Chilled Goa Tour Package - Explore The Crazy Goa In Winter

Goa, the smallest state of India, is a beautiful year round. This place is full of white sandy beaches and crazy night parties have made it a highly crave tourist destination in India. Goa is also a treasure box of ancient-old heritage and traditional culture. Every trip in Goa leaves something for the travelers to discover. With the return of winters, the beauty of Goa hints to boost varied. The climate is pleasant, exhilarating Christmas and New Year Parties to catch and a lot of amazing sightseeing to do. So there cannot be a better  time to visit party capital. So Picnicwale presents chilled Goa tour package through which you can explore the craziest part of Goa in winter. Also in this blog you will get to know about the things to do during the winter months. 

Laze & Relax at the Beach The beaches of Goa are fascinating all-year round, the best time for calm and sunbathe at the Goa beaches is during the winter months. The sun glares cheerfully and the refreshing air with it a…

Thrilling Water Activities In Goa That You Must Try Once In Your Lifetime

If you are an adventure seeker and want to get some lifetime experience, then try thrilling water activities in Goa. With the boundless Arabian Sea and an amazing hills on the western ghat, Goa is the excellent destination you need to make your holidays memorable. Goa is not only about the charming beaches, but yes, popular for adventure activities also. I am sure you will fall in love with Goa and its water activities at the spectacular beaches of Goa. Whether you know how to swim, it doesn’t matter, Goa will make your holidays memorable. So here are some of the adventure water activities you can experience in Goa.
Bungee Jumping  Goa offers numerous opportunities for adventure lovers and adventure water sports is of it. And Bungee jumping is one of them. Bungee Jumping has already gaining popularity in Goa. This activity is exciting as well as full of adventures. Bungee jumping is a risky activity in which individuals jump from up to ground and then bounce, for instance, a bridge w…

Offbeat Things To Do In Goa For A Memorable Goa Trip

Clear skies, soft sand beaches, crystal azure waters, and flawless surroundings make Goa the perfect holiday destination. But it is not just the beauty of the beaches that makes Goa an ideal getaway. There are various adventure activities, water activities, nature based activities, and Goa sightseeing tours that one can opt to.
Visit Goa beaches The beaches of Goa are the major attractions of Goa that draws the attraction of tourists. Goa Beaches offers a calm atmosphere to relax along with a picturesque view, where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. Most of the beaches are located in the North Goa, from which Baga Beach is one of the most popular and active. The beaches of Goa include Baga Beach, Calangute Beach, Vagator Beach, Colva Beach and so on. To visit all those charming beaches of North Goa, you also opt for the North Goa Tour Package which covers almost all the beaches of Goa. Adventure activities like Scuba Diving, Jet Ski, Parasailing, and so on are don…

Experience The Offbeat Adventure Activities In Goa

Thinking of adventure activities in Goa, but confused as to what to do and when to do? So worry not this blog will help you fulfill you're craving for adventures in Goa.
White River Rafting When we think of performing water adventure, Goa stands out in the league. Goa is one of the best places to experience river rafting in India, which offers the speed of Grade I to Grade V. River rafting in Goa is an ultimate experience one can have. While rafting in Goa, you can enjoy the scintillating view of the majestic forest covered with lush green.  Location: Mhadei River and Valpoi River Best Time To Do: The best time to experience this activity is from June to October 
Scuba Diving You would be using the best gear and legitimate equipment to help make the experience better and comfortable. The oxygen tank and the tube connected to a mouthpiece helps you breathe a lot better when you are inside the ocean. Feel the adrenaline rush as you dive into the cool ocean water and swim with the col…

Thrilling Adventure Activities In Goa - Now It’s Time For Thrill Vacay!

Goa is all about having fun with your loved ones and if you are not chilling, then you are not living it out loud enough. As the weather of Goa is quite pleasant, you will definitely enjoy the adventure activities in Goa. From scuba diving, river-rafting to bungee jumping, the dazzling Goan vista is really bizarre for experiencing such thrilling adventure activities. But some questions must be arising in your mind like where to do, when to do and so on. So here everything you need to know about Goa and its adventure activities that you must absolutely try.
Scuba Diving Deep clean blue water and the gorgeous marine life of Goa make it truly a magical place to explore. The marine life of Goa is a lifetime experience to explore which is worth an adventure trip to have. From angelfish and water turtles to manta rays and Coral Reefs, there are many things that you cannot lose to miss while Scuba Diving in Goa.  You can also go for Scuba diving in Malvan near Goa. This place offers the bes…

5 Water Sports In Goa That Will Quash Your Thirst For Adventure Like None Other!

Are you always feeling thirsty for adventure? Then these 6 water sports in Goa will sure go to quash your thirst for adventure. From stunning beaches with playful waves to gushing rivers, you can partake in the best of thrilling water sports in Goa that your heart craves for. From scuba diving to white water rafting to parasailing, savor all types of thrilling water sports on a long coastline and a warm tropical climate that makes Goa, the perfect holiday destination for the adventure lovers. 6 Best Water Sports In Goa Here is a look at the top thrilling water sports to get your adrenaline pumping when you are in Goa.

Scuba Diving One of the most popular water activities, scuba diving in Goa is a must-do while on your trip to Goa. It is the perfect way to explore underwater to witness the beautiful marine life. If you want to go for diving in Goa, you are in luck as Goa has breathtaking places familiar for their biodiversity. Keeping in mind that scuba diving is a water activity that…